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    The Urban Grape is an award-winning wine, craft beer, and spirits store located in Boston’s vibrant South End neighborhood. UG is the first store in the world to utilize Progressive Shelving, a unique system of organizing wines by their body, rather than varietal or region.

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The “Retour À L’école” Urban Sampler

Four great bottles of wine handpicked by our staff, always $50

We hate to be the bearer of bad news but, summer is over and it’s time to get back in the work, school, and life game. We’re softening the blow with a foursome of delicious French wines that that get us excited to “Retour À L’école,” i.e., head Back to School! Priced at just $50, these wines are fun enough for impromptu weekend roof deck parties, but also serious enough for fall flavors and cooler nights. And don’t worry, unlike white pants, rosé is still chic after Labor Day, so we’ve included a bottle for you to sip on during those rogue September scorchers.

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  • Thursday 2/21/19 Wine and Whiskey- The American Way 5-8 PM

    Joe from Baystate is joining us to pour two of America’s greatest alcoholic exports- whiskey and wine! Come in for a tasting from 5-8pm and explore America’s history with these two great beverages. Tasting wines are 10% off during tasting hours.

  • Thursday 2/21/19 Parker from Prospect Cider 5-8 PM

    From orange peel and grains of paradise to Mosaic hops, Prospect Ciderworks is always throwing new and interesting things into their delicious ciders. Come find out what this Boston project has dreamed up with Parker from 5-8pm.

  • Friday 2/22/19 Friday Fun- Food and Booze! 5-8 PM

    Blonde of thisHAITI
    There’s nothing better on a cold day then hot food! Blonde Beauchamp, the founder of Boston-based thisHAITI, will be joining us for a special tasting from 5-8pm. Come join us to try some recipes inspired by cuisine from the sunny Caribbean!

    Oaked Wines
    If you’ve spent more then 10 minutes around wine people, you’ve probably heard them mention oak. But why is it used? And what influence does it have on wine? Come learn the answers to these questions and more with Justin from Taub Family Selections as he pours some wines from 5-8pm. All tasting wines will be 10% off during event hours.

    Nick from Winter Hill Brewing
    We may be sick of winter, but we will NEVER get sick of Winter Hill Brewing! Come taste a selection of their latest and greatest with Nick from 5-8pm.

  • Saturday 2/23/19 Wine and Gingerbeer 3-6 PM

    Cruse Wine Co.
    From Chardonnay grown in unique places to blends of lesser-known grape varietals, Michael Cruse of Cruse Wine Company is always doing something unexpected! Chas from Arborway Imports will be in from 3-6pm to pour a selection of Cruse’s latest vintages, which will be offered for 10% off during tasting hours.

    Robert from Hallard
    The world of spirits is always evolving, and we are excited to be able to offer the latest in beverage trends. Come try one of the newest offerings from Hallard- alcoholic ginger beer!

  • Wednesday 2/27/19 Winemaker Tasting: Jeff Cohn 5-8 PM

    We’ve long been enamored by Jeff Cohn’s sumptuous wines, and we are thrilled to be able to welcome him to the store for this special Wednesday night Winemaker Tasting! Jeff will be meeting customers and pouring a selection of his wines from 5-8pm.

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There is nothing that UG owner TJ Douglas loves more than working with clients one-on-one. When he’s at the store he’s always swarmed with people looking for wine recs, but TJ is also available for private consultations – at no cost to you! Shoot him an email to learn more about how he can help you fill your wine cellar, set up a wine wedding registry, or build cases of new arrivals that get delivered on a regular basis. TJ is the wine concierge you’ve been waiting for!

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