• Take the Intimidation out of wine.

    The Urban Grape is an award-winning wine, craft beer, and spirits store located in Boston’s vibrant South End neighborhood. UG is the first store in the world to utilize Progressive Shelving, a unique system of organizing wines by their body, rather than varietal or region.

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  • Thursday 5/23/19 Wine and Spirits 5-8 PM

    European Spring Break with Tim
    Spring break may be over, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop exploring! From France to Italy and beyond, Tim from Touton Selections is coming to take us on a whirlwind tour of Old World European wines. Come get a taste of the continent and enjoy 10% off tasting wines during event hours.

    Jeff from Stone Cutter Spirits
    Spring has sprung- the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and Jeff from Stonecutter Spirits is coming in to mix us some yummy springtime cocktails! Come see what our favorite Vermonter is stirring up or try some of his spirits straight from 5-8pm.

  • Friday 5/24/19 Wine and Spirits 5-8 PM

    Alpha Box & Dice Feature
    When Joe first introduced us to Alpha Box & Dice we immediately fell head over heels, and it’s easy to see why! This funky Australian producer is everything we aspire to be- cool, approachable, and totally eye-catching. Join us for this special tasting and see what has us so hyped!

    Brent with Tamworth Distillery
    On the outskirts of the White Mountains National Forest in New Hampshire lies Tamworth Distillery. Though small and unassuming, the Tamworth distillers are true innovators in their field. From turmeric liquor to hopped gin, they offer a range of deliciously unique products. Come try a lineup and fall in love from 3-6pm!

  • Saturday 5/25/19 Wild Wines with Tim 3-6 PM

    Tim from Hangtime Wholesale Wine Co. is coming to take us on a wild ride of funky wine! From the unfined and unfiltered, to the all-natural, to the unexpected, he’s got something fun for everyone! Join us from 3-6pm and get 10% off tasting wines.

Shop with TJ

There is nothing that UG owner TJ Douglas loves more than working with clients one-on-one. When he’s at the store he’s always swarmed with people looking for wine recs, but TJ is also available for private consultations – at no cost to you! Shoot him an email to learn more about how he can help you fill your wine cellar, set up a wine wedding registry, or build cases of new arrivals that get delivered on a regular basis. TJ is the wine concierge you’ve been waiting for!

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