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Valentine’s Weekend Is Upon Us!

The Urban Grape | Cookie Cake

The Urban Grape | Cookie Cake

I have a lot of love for my husband, but I can’t say I’ve ever had a lot of love for Valentine’s Day. It ranks up there with New Year’s Eve in terms of holidays that can never live up to one’s expectations. I remember the year I made a heart-shaped cookie pie for a boyfriend….and then he didn’t even share the damn thing with me. It’s hard to have a warm and fuzzy feeling about a holiday after an experience like that.

TJ feels the same way, so we make our own fun on Valentine’s Day. I make a fun dinner, he brings home some flirty bubbles. We put the kids to bed, build a fire, and snuggle up for a movie. No work, no phones, no distractions, and frankly, no expectations. Just us.

The key to the night is what we’re drinking. Just because we’re hanging out doesn’t mean we’re drinking pizza wine. There is always something special in our glass. Starting tonight, we’ve got the whole staff on call, ready to help you pick the perfect bottle, and we’ve got three free tastings lined up to help inspire you.

The Urban Grape | Privateer Rum

First up on Thursday from 5-8, Privateer Rum and Sweet Lydia’s will be starting our Valentine’s Weekend activities off with rum cocktails paired with decadent chocolates. Rum drinks have come a long ways from the punches we drink on vacation – balanced and complex, Privateer makes excellent cocktails without the syrupy sweetness some of us associate with rum.

The Urban Grape | Yoko Bubbles

On Friday from 5-8, Yoko pours a line-up of expressive and food-friendly pink bubbles at every price point. Yoko just returned from a couple weeks in Champagne, so she’ll have lots of new stories to share with us about her adventures. Whenever I need bubbles for a special (or for that matter, every day) occasion, I turn to Yoko. She’s never steered me wrong! Nectar & Green will also be unveiling their new Cacao flavored almond milk on Saturday, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

On Saturday from 2-5, we’ve got a line-up of sumptuous Italian wines to sip on. The Italians basically invented expressive modern love, so it always feels appropriate to have their lusty and authentic wines in our glass on Valentine’s Day. In addition to wine, we’ll have locally made brownies from Broma Brownie Company, and hand-made cards from local Etsy designer, the Golden Quill. In other words, wine, chocolate and cards – if you’ve left your present until the last minute, we’ve got you covered.

The Urban Grape | Bloody Mary Basket

And ladies, don’t forget your guys. They love a little something special too. Stop by and ask David to help you pick out a special bottle of whiskey, tequila or other spirits. Or grab one of these perfect pre-made cocktail baskets featuring different spirits and mixers.

If giving an experience is more your thing, there are a few tickets left for our Whiskey Cocktail class on Feb 21! You can grab tickets here.

Meanwhile, what’s the lesson we learned from this blog post? If someone gives you a homemade, heart-shaped cookie pie for Valentine’s Day, share it with them, or risk blog post wrath twenty years later!