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Urban Hops is the Urban Grape’s dedicated and curated beer program. Our goal is to bring you the best beer the world’s breweries have to offer, with a focus on finding the right beer for each and every customer.

Our philosophy: What makes Urban Hops different from your local package store? Besides our outstanding selection, we’re known for using our trademarked system of Progressive Shelving – organizing beers by overall flavor profile, rather than region or brewery. This system allows us to help you find the perfect beer for any occasion or palate.

So what is Progressive Shelving for beer? Malt-focused beers are organized by their roast, going from pale to dark. Hop-focused beers are arranged by intensity, from delicate and floral to dank and bitter. Yeast-focused beers are shelved by complexity, from simple bready abbey singels and saisons to funky, intense wild ales.

Having our beer laid out in this fashion allows our staff to point you in the direction of the best beer for your palate, and to help you as your beer tastes expand. The foundation of the Urban Hops program is the belief that there’s a beer out there for everyone, and that we should do everything we can to help you find it. With so many options out there, diving into beer can be an intimidating experience. The goal of our beer program is to remove the intimidation factor, and keep beer simple, fun, and unpretentious.

FEATURED BREWER: The Somerville Brewing Company

The Somerville Brewing Company (or Slumbrew, after their once-humble hometown) is among our favorite local breweries. With a wide variety of brews ranging from light saisons to deep chocolate porters, they have something for every beer drinker. My personal favorite, and one of my true go-to beers, is their Flagraiser IPA, a Galaxy-hopped brew that opens up with incredible tropical notes, then develops into a perfect blend of sweet caramel malt and grassy hop bitterness.

Featured Brewer at The Urban Grape


Beer Team at The Urban Grape

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Trillium Brewing Company

Urban Hops at The Urban Grape

Unfortunately, Trillium is OUT OF STOCK now for now but check back for updates by following @urbanhops on Instagram and @urbanhops on Twitter!


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Urban Hops at The Urban Grape


When there’s a beer you’re looking for that you can’t find on our shelf, it’s almost certainly for one of three reasons:

1. That beer doesn’t get distributed in Massachusetts. This is very, very common. Hundreds of beers never leave their home state, or their home coast. Some brewers simply haven’t found distributors willing to carry them within MA, and some have made the deliberate decision to keep their distribution footprint small.

2. It’s the wrong time of year. Sometimes this is obvious; you’re unlikely to find a pumpkin beer on our shelves in April. For many unusual or special-release beers, it can be a bit less intuitive. We’ll always announce cool releases, so that you know when to expect something like Double Dose or Bourbon County Stout to hit our floor. As for seasonal brews, summer beers normally arrive in April and stick around into August. Fall beers immediately follow and linger into early November, at which point winter & holiday beers take over until January. Spring beers filter in and remain until Fenway opens its gates.

3. We literally don’t have the space. With over 3,700 breweries in the United States alone, keeping every beer in the world on the shelf would require a store ever so slightly larger than the one we’ve got now. We’ll always make sure that the beers we do have are a solid representation of the wide variety styles and brands out there.  If you don’t see something you’re looking for, ask! We can always special-order beer for you or fine you something else that you’ll enjoy.