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The Urban Grape's philosophy of using hospitality-driven service to help their customers find the perfect bottle of wine extends to their latest venture, Urban Cellars.

Through personalized one-on-one consultations and wine tastings using the state of the art wine access system, Coravin, owner TJ Douglas uses his knowledge of the wine industry to fill his clients’ cellars with everything from approachable every day wine, to birth year vintages, to cases that can age and appreciate in value for decades to come. You build it, The Urban Grape fills it.

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Working with TJ has been a wonderful experience...His enthusiasm, as he discusses a wine's origins, its complexities, the vineyard's characteristics, etc. is contagious. That enthusiasm, paired with his remarkable expertise, yields a lack of pretension that makes the process of selecting wines exciting, educational, and collaborative. TJ took great effort to get to know us, our taste in wine, and our lifestyle, all as they relate to our potential wine purchases. With this knowledge, TJ consistently identifies new wines that fit our taste"profile" and others that expand our horizons into varietals we would have never known about or considered on our own. Put simply, TJ is a true professional and we thoroughly enjoy working with him.

- Lynn

Pour wine from the bottle without popping the cork? We didn’t believe it at first either, but with the Coravin Wine Access System, seeing is believing.

Coravin is nicknamed the “Wine Mosquito” because it uses a long, thin needle to access the wine beneath the cork, without having to open the bottle. A burst of argon gas preserves the wine, which means you can pour yourself a glass from a bottle and then lay that bottle back down in your cellar for years to come. Freedom for by the glass drinking of even your most special bottles is just a Coravin away!

Please ask about Coravin next time you’re in the shop, we’ll be happy to demonstrate!

Coravin at The Urban Grape
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