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Join us for our free in-store wine tastings every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!


At The Urban Grape, we live and breathe one fundamental principle: learning about wine should be fun. For us that means gathering with friends, turning on some music, popping bottles, and engaging in some lively conversation.

Our passion for teaching our clients about wine led us to create Urban Affairs, a division of our company devoted exclusively to private tasting events. Led by our energetic and enthusiastic educators, these private tastings are the ultimate in-home and in-office entertainment. Perfect for alumni events, bridal parties, client appreciation events, and office celebrations, your wine journey can be crafted to fit the tastes and needs of your guests.

Some popular Urban Affair themes include:

  • Drink Progressively (wines from lightest to heaviest bodied)
  • Old World vs. New World (i.e., Bordeaux vs. Napa)
  • Sparkling Wines from Around the World
  • Up and Coming Wine Regions
  • Seasonal Selections (rosé, holiday, etc)
  • Female Winemakers
  • Not into wine? Book a beer or spirits tasting!

For more information on booking an Urban Affair of your own, as well as pricing, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.



    In your own private oasis with our beautifully designed store as your backdrop, and with our highly trained staff at your beck and call, The Urban Grape is the perfect site for all of your entertaining needs. Our lively in-store tastings provide education about five different beverage selections, all while giving your guests time to mingle, nosh, and shop. This is the perfect way to enjoy all the comforts of home without the hassle of event setup and cleanup!


    If you’re looking for a wine experience in the comfort of your own home, The Urban Grape team is ready to hit the road! Our in-home tastings provide your guests with a unique experience – a guaranteed hit to be talked about for months to come! Typical bookings include cocktail parties, holiday parties, bachelorette and bachelor parties, or even formal wine dinners.


    Thirsty Thursdays and team building take on a whole new level of fun with The Urban Grape arrives to lead an in-office wine tasting! With service offerings that range from client appreciation events to educating your staff on how to order wine at a business dinner, our staff travels the city entertaining some of the biggest companies in Boston. Call us today to see how we can help you seamlessly combine wine education with networking and relationship building!

  • Our team can even work with you on your food selections for the evening. We have many caterers, food artisans, and restaurants that we regularly work with.

    Want to learn about wine but are not yet ready to commit to an Urban Affair of your own? Sign up for our weekly newsletter for information on our monthly Geek Out educational classes and quarterly Pop-Up nights in which we demystify the world of food and beverage pairing!

Urban Affairs at The Urban Grape


  • 11.20.17 GEEKOUT with UG: Wines of the Northern Rhone with Jo-Ann Ross! 6:00-7:30PM

    This November, Boston’s most fun wine educator Jo-Ann Ross joins us for a Geek Out covering all things Northern Rhone. The Northern Rhone is THE Mecca for Syrah-Diehards- producing the benchmark for which all others in the world are held. From Cornas to Condrieu – we’ll taste through a lineup of distinct Syrah’s from the area’s most prized regions, as well as the esoteric and rare whites from lesser-known appellations. You can expect to see from producers such as Pierre GaillardVin de VienneClusel Roche, and Vincent Paris!

    Free Gift Included
    Must be 21+ to Purchase
    Buy Tickets HERE!

  • 11.21.17 Italian Allstars from Arborway! 4-7PM

    Chas from Arborway returns this month with two need-to-know Italian wineries of Reva and Girolamo Russo. Girolamo Russo crafts Nerello Mascalese grown on the foothills of live, active volcano, Mount Etna to produce wines with impressive delicacy as well as those with great structure. Réva, on the other hand, is a new Barolo-focused winery project headed up by winemaker Gianluca Colombo.

    Also joining us today is Brianna Garland from Sweetgreen! She will have samples of the new Fall menu as well as the infamous Harvest Bowl – featured in TJ & Hadley’s new book ‘Drink Progressively.’ Complete some of your Holiday shopping with a ‘Drink Progressively’ book signed by author TJ Douglas and a free salad treat!

  • 11.22.17 Pre- Turkey Tasting Day! 11am-4pm

    With only a day until Thanksgiving, don’t miss out on our marathon of special tastings featuring organic and biodynamic wines from Giannoni, new wines from the Olmstead porfolio,  and TJ’s picks from MS Walker! These are Holiday table Must-Haves!

  • 11.24.17 Sharpen Your Sake Savvy! 5-8pm

    The recipe for sake is simple: rice, water, and koji (a microbe that causes fermentation), however, the resulting beverage is often anything but! With so many different styles, UG newcomer and long-time Sake enthusiast Jack steps up to show us what this mysterious Japanese beverage is all about! We’ll taste through a range of sake – from dry, rich, fragrant and full-bodied.

  • 11.25.17 Pet-Nat Party! 3-6pm

    Ain’t no party like a pet-nat party ’cause a pet-nat party don’t quit!

    Pet-nat -AKA ‘Petillant Naturel’- is the OG Sparkling wine. This light, fizzy, and often low alcohol-sparkler is produced via méthode ancestral, a technique that pre-dates méthode champenoise (the technique famous in Champagne, where the base wine is fully fermented, then undergoes a secondary fermentation in bottle with the addition of yeast and sugar). Long story short, the wine is bottled prior to fully completing its first fermentation, allowing carbon dioxide to be produced by the natural sugars found in the grapes. Unlike Champagne, Pét-Nat is not disgorged, and may or may not be filtered on completion of fermentation.

  • 11.30.17 Undiscovered South Africa! 5-8pm

    Rob from Cape Classics joins us to share the untold and often overlooked story of South African wine. In the discussion of New versus Old world, South Africa’s history with grape growing could technically land it in the old world, however, it’s Southern Hemisphere location often gets the region lumped in with the New. Cape Classics represents the ‘old-fashioned’ while holding social responsibility at the fore. The wineries they represent embrace sustainable eco and social practices, doing their part to help preserve lands for future generations while improving the human condition now. And as can be expected, the wines reflect the care and thoughtfulness that goes into crafting them! We’ll be opening selections from Bayten, B Vintners, Raats, and de Toren!


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