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TJ Douglas of The Urban Grape

TJ Douglas

Owner, General Manager, Buyer

I love wine. Not just the taste, but the experience. I love wandering into the kitchen an hour before dinner, seeing what is on tap for the evening’s meal, heading over to the wine cooler, and picking the perfect bottle. I love opening that bottle, pouring the wine into my glass, swirling it, smelling it, tasting it. Pouring my wife a glass, “cheers,” and taking that first real sip. Another great day on the books, now it’s time to relax and experience life in the moment.

I love that by age two and a half my oldest son knew that his grandfather likes Cabernet and that his mommy likes Bubbles. I love that my sons will grow up stacking bottles in The Urban Grape, learning about wine, and people, and the world; after all, wine is universal. I love that our family dinners feature good food, good conversation and, of course, good wine.

And I love The Urban Grape. It is the culmination of half my life’s work. From dishwasher, to server, to restaurant manager, to wine salesman, to the owner of a boutique wine store – each of my experiences with wine (and the people who love wine) has led me to this moment. I believe we have opened a store that can create community, memories, and joy through the experience of wine.

So enjoy – from my family dinner to yours.

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TJ's Picks
Hadley Douglas of The Urban Grape

Hadley Douglas

Owner, Communications, Business Strategy

My earliest wine memory centers around one word – “Trefethen.” Actually, it was two words – “More Trefethen!” It was my dad’s birthday party and I was about 15 years old. I sat to his right with my family and extended family stretched out on either side. Somehow I had a wine glass, and in the merriment that glass kept getting filled along with everyone else’s. A case of Trefethen into the evening, my older brothers took me aside and said, “Don’t worry, we’ll get you through this.” It was a fun night, but a while before I drank wine again.

After helping many other companies with their marketing, public relations, events, and philanthropy, I’m excited to have made a life doing the same for The Urban Grape. It’s a joy to be the “voice” of The Urban Grape on our social media accounts, blog, and newsletter where I try to make wine relatable and fun. When not UG’ing it, you can find me with our boys Jason and Noah, who get annoyed that I have to photograph dinner before they can eat it. The perks to this job are great – there’s always lots of wine to sip with friends, and I liked the owner enough to marry him.

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Hadley's Picks
  • Chelsea Bell of The Urban Grape

    Chelsea Bell

    Urban Affairs Manager

    I grew up in Glosta, MA where family is deeply rooted. There is nothing I relish more than unwinding over a bottle (or two) of wine with my family and friends. I was introduced to wine by my parents and am now a Certified Specialist of Wine through the Society for Wine Educators, as well as a Certified Sommelier. At the Urban Grape, I have found a lot of joy in teaching wine and organizing wine-centric events!

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  • Alex Ringenbach of The Urban Grape

    Alex Ringenbach

    Inventory and Merchandising Manager

    As a college student I drank the ubiquitous jugs of Carlo Rossi. One year, I spent the fall in Italy, drinking family wines in small vineyards. I learned then what I know today – a great wine is the one you can pick up on the daily, that is fresh and delicious and cheap and cheerful. Words to live by!

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  • Allen Morgan of The Urban Grape

    Allen Morgan

    Sales Manager

    After graduating with a degree in computer science and working behind a desk for two years I realized I wasn’t going to be happy with a career in software engineering. Wanting to pursue a passion, I began seriously studying wine with the intent to become certified through the Court of Master Sommeliers, and found a perfect fit here at the Urban Grape. In my opinion, wine is best when it is shared. It brings people together – whether friends, new acquaintances, or even strangers - to enjoy a common interest or share a meal. Being able to help someone enjoy that experience is what makes this work so rewarding for me.

  • Lizzie Szczepaniak of The Urban Grape

    Lizzie Szczepaniak

    Urban Hops Manager

    Originally from the midwest, I fell in love with the city of Boston while attending Boston University for the French Horn. Post-college, I met my future husband while working at Craigie on Main in Cambridge, and from there moved to live and work on a cheese farm in Alsace, France. My passion for beer grew exponentially while working at the Publican in Chicago, where I become a Cicerone-certified beer server, and even more so during my travels to Belgium and Germany. When I'm not slinging beer at the Urban Grape, I'm studying for my Certified Sommelier exam, planning JP Beer Garden pop-ups with my husband, and walking my Bernese Mountain dog, Winston, around Jamaica Pond.

  • Rakim McNair-Turner of The Urban Grape

    Rakim McNair-Turner


  • Jennifer Liuzzo of The Urban Grape

    Jennifer Liuzzo

    Corporate Liaison

  • Jenn Carney of The Urban Grape

    Jenn Carney

    Events Coordinator

  • Jack Morey of The Urban Grape

    Jack Morey

  • Allison Fields of The Urban Grape

    Allison Fields

  • Matt Ryan of The Urban Grape

    Matt Ryan

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    We'd love to see you here.

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