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SPOTLIGHT WINE 2015 Le Piane “Mimmo” Vino Rosso Alta (Piemonte, Italy) *3R*

This week’s spotlight highlights a truly unique wine from a previously unexplored region in Italy. And boy does this wine deliver! The 2015 Le Piane “Mimmo” Vino Rosso is full of expressive character, with flavors of fresh red cherries and raspberry compote, along with cloves and dried herbs. The medium body of the wine is accentuated by a velvety texture and soft tannins, with a jolt of acidity that perfectly balances out each sip.


Coming from the Boca region of Italy, one of the smallest and northernmost regions inside of Italy’s Piedmont, the wine is a blend comprised of 70% Nebbiolo, 25% Croatina, and 5% Vespolina. Almost forgotten, the Boca region was rediscovered by Christoph Kuenzli who fell in love with he area and was inspired by its potential during a visit. One of the last remaining winemakers in Boca, Antonio Cerri, made wine until he was over 80 years old, and finally relinquished his cherished land into Kuenzli’s capable hands.

This wine is truly fueled by history, passion, and the care that clearly went into tending these vines, all the way back to Antonio Cherri’s early days. “Mimmo” over delivers in every way, and drinks like a wine far above its price point. Pick up your bottles now, and raise a glass to exploring one of Italy’s hidden treasures!

Regular Price: $32/bottle

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