From the Vine


2014 SAMsARA Syrah

(Santa Rita Hills, CA)

We’re feeling everything about this new-to-UG wine, from the meaning behind the name to the philosophy that inspires how it is made.

Samsara is the sanskrit word for the continuous cycle of life, death, and reincarnation. This from the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, & World Affairs – “Because past lives affect future ones, a person is never sure about their reincarnation and the suffering that might accompany it because of past actions.” Karma, baby. 

This concept inspires the way owners Chad and Mary Melville live their life – with passion, oneness, and harmony. These concepts carry over into their wine growing, and they believe that the important work for making a good wine happens in the field. From there they do little handling or manipulation, just letting their grapes show their stuff.

Antoni Galloni, a former member of the tasting staff at Wine Advocate, calls SAMsARA “one of the most dynamic, exciting young wineries in California. These are some of the most compelling wines being made in California today.”

The 2014 SAMsARA Syrah has aromas of smoky blackberry, boysenberry and herbs, and a palate of spiced berry and candied cherry flavors, with floral and olive nuances. This is a juicy, luscious wine with soft, velvety tannins. Perfect for the cold weather this week!
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