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SPOTLIGHT: 2014 Vall Lach “Embruix” Red Blend (Priorat, Spain) *8R* 15% OFF!

It’s a paradox in the wine world that stressful growing conditions make the best grapes. Grapes that are grown in the lap of luxury (like lots of nutrient soil and ample water) are often too flabby and uninteresting. A little hardship builds grape character.


Needless to say, the Vall Lach vines that makes up this tasty red blend have lots of character. They’re grown on the steep slopes of the Priorat region, one of the best winemaking regions in Spain. The slopes make it impossible for the vines to retail water, forcing them to dig their roots deeper and deeper into the mineral-rich slate beds beneath them. It’s dry, and hot, and tough going from bud break to harvest. The resulting grapes are tiny and dense, with richness and flavor that translate into a deeply nuanced and full-bodied wine. Fourteen months of French oak aging gives the wine additional nuances and richness.

“Embruix” means bewitching in Catalan, and this wine bewitches us every time we try it. It’s hard to find a well-made wine from Priorat in this price range, so if you love big, bold and simply delicious Spanish wines, this is a fantastic offer per bottle. Price reduction offered this week only, online by clicking the “Buy Now” button or at the store!

Regular Price: $30/bottle
15% per Bottle Discount: $25.50/bottle