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SPOTLIGHT: 2014 Paradigm, Oakville Merlot (Napa Valley, CA)

Paradigm consists of a total of 50 acres of four contiguous parcels of land. Owners Ren and Marilyn Harris, the winemakers, have extraordinarily deep roots in Napa Valley. Both families immigrated from Italy generations ago – Marilyn’s family in 1890, and Ryn’s in 1790. Paradigm is a completely self-contained winery and estate – not only housing vineyards, but two homes, olive trees, a barn, and an entire warehouse for wine production. All tucked away in the idyllic Oakville AVA within Napa Valley, these two winemakers couldn’t have asked to be located in a better spot.

Very mindful of their vineyard practices, Ryn and Marilyn strive to treat their land with respect. With help from winemaker Heidi Barret, they have found a unique winemaking style they believe highlights both their unique location and the grapes themselves. Specializing in Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Zinfandel, all of their wines go through 20 months of aging in French Oak.

Bright fruit character, filled with purity, structure, and a lush, extravagant feel on the palate, this wine has a very old-school Napa feel. On the finish this wine boasts a toasty, oak character with light baking spice. Paradigm Merlot is a treat with anything but will pair beautifully alongside an assortment of grilled meat. Now is your chance to stock up on this quintessential Fall staple!

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