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SPOTLIGHT: 2014 Paradigm “Oakville” Merlot *6R* (Napa Valley, CA) 15% OFF!

What is a Paradigm? It’s a set way of thinking, or a pattern, that is so consistent that it becomes an archetype. We can’t say whether the winemakers of this week’s wine set out to become a Paradigm when they named their winery, but we can say that their nearly 30 years of continued excellence has created just that – a consistent Napa standard by which you can can compare and contrast all of the other players. Their Oakville Merlot is the archetype – the quintessential Napa experience in a glass.


In today’s frenzied search for the latest crazes and Instagram-worthy trends (ahem, canned wine), the tried and true can seem old fashioned. But more and more, we find ourselves coming back to these touch points, to ground us and remind us of the wines that made us fall in love with…well, wine! With its juicy red fruit, blue undertones, and hints of cedar and green tobacco, this Merlot is elegant and unfussy, with soft tannins and an Old School Napa style that enraptures.

To understand what’s new, you’ve got to understand what’s quintessential. There’s no better bottle to give you that touchpoint than this week’s offering. Enjoy it while it’s 15% off by clicking the Buy Now button below. Add in other bottles to build a case, and they’ll be 15% off too!

Regular Price: $65/bottle
15% per Bottle Discount: $55.25/bottle