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SPOTLIGHT: 2013 Silvio Giamello “Vicenziana” Barbaresco (Piedmont, IT) *5R*

Around this time, our palates start aching for something a little more interesting than rosé (gasp…was that blasphemous??? Stick with us…). That’s when we turn to food-friendly, medium-bodied red wines that seem to pair with everything we throw at them.


A Kermit Lynch import, the Silvio Giamello vineyards were historically an animal farm with enough wine production to service the family. But in the 1950s, the wise matriarch of the family began planting the farmland over to vineyard, paving the ways for future generations of success. The resulting wines, like this expressive Barbaresco, are made in a truly traditional manner, free of chemicals and free to express the many nuances of the Nebbiolo grape.

You know how when you travel it’s always best to ask the locals what they like to drink? Well this is the answer you would get in Piedmont. This is an Italian’s Barbaresco, full of aromas of rose petals, licorice, and baking spices. Pair it with an earthy Amatriciana pasta for a respite from all things summer, or pop it in your cellar until Fall’s first tinges touch the air. It’s only on sale this week, so grab it while you can by clicking the Buy Now button below.

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