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We’re Sorry to Say….Rosé Has Had Its Day.

The Urban Grape | Rose Wine

The Urban Grape | Rose Wine

It’s a bitter pill to swallow when we put our remaining rosé on sale because it means the inevitable end of summer. But then again, like spring’s eternal bloom, we know rosé season will come again. Like you, we’d prefer to drink it all year long, but the wine just isn’t there to buy any more. Plus, with cooler weather coming we need the space to beef up our red wines and heavier whites.

While it’s a bummer, the good news is that all of our remaining rosé (which isn’t much, only about 50 bottles!) is 10% off. It will probably be further discounted at some point, but we’ve still got some good bottles on the wall, and we can’t promise they’ll be there when/if the discount reduces further.

By the way, this is a great time of year to try some of the darker colored rosés that are still in stock. We love these wines and the way they pair with food. A nice dark pink rosé would pair amazingly well with that delicata squash recipe I posted the other day for a light vegetarian meal!

Only seven months until rosé season comes again!


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    1. Wouldn’t we all! Sadly, in MA at least, the distributors do not bring in enough product to stock rosé year round. But with growing interest, that could change!

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