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The Somerville Brewing Company

Urban Hops featured brewer: Somerville Brewing Company

The Somerville Brewing Company (or Slumbrew, after their once-humble hometown) is among our favorite local breweries. With a wide variety of brews ranging from light saisons to deep chocolate porters, they have something for every beer drinker. My personal favorite, and one of my true go-to beers, is their Flagraiser IPA, a Galaxy-hopped brew that opens up with incredible tropical notes, then develops into a perfect blend of sweet caramel malt and grassy hop bitterness.

While of course we’re happiest when you’re getting their beer from us, Slumbrew has opened up two locations in Somerville where you can drink their beer. The American Fresh Taproom at Assembly Square is one of the Boston area’s few outdoor beer gardens, and the Boynton Yards Brewhouse offers tours as well as fresh beer on tap and solid food alongside it. Head on across the river sometime and grab a pint. There are pretty good odds I’ll be somewhere at the end of the bar..