Urban Samplers


Whether you are heading to the Cape or the Islands for the weekend and want to bring an interesting 4-pack of wine or are looking for something a little more regular, our Urban Samplers™ are a great way to experience new wines.


The Urban Sampler 4-Pack:

Each month The Urban Grape will feature four different wines in an easy to grab, pre-assembled carrier. Great for a weekend away, a party at a friend’s house, or just to have at home, the Urban Sampler 4-Pack is all about ease and accessibility. Rather pick out your own four wines? No problem! We can package them for you at the register in our reusable four-bottle wine bags – a great presentation and eco-friendly!


The “Bor-duhh” Urban Sampler: $50



While Bordeaux, France has long been considered a symbol of wealth and status, not all Bordeaux wines have to break the bank! The Bor-duhh!!! September Urban Sampler 4-pack combines a white, rose and two reds to represent the changing foliage of wines this season. The extreme price variations of Bordeaux wines are affected by regional microclimates, but more importantly by the Bordeaux Classification of 1855. During the 1855 Parisian World Expo, Emperor Napolean III requested a classification system of Bordeaux chateaus ranking them according to reputation and trading price from first to fifth growths, or crus. Value-driven Bordeaux wines still thrive from small production, estate grown producers from sub-regions abutting cru classified sites. With its rich winemaking tradition, Bordeaux should be a no-brainer when selecting quality wine – duhh!

  • 2013 Chateau Haut Pasquet (Bordeaux Blanc) 

    Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle are the main white grapes of Bordeaux. Sauvignon and Muscadelle contribute aromatics, while Semillon adds a waxy, honeyed note. Set on the right bank of the Garonne River, Château Haut-Pasquet is about 22 miles south of the town of Bordeaux. Formidable with grilled Halibut!

  • 2013 Chateau Pey La Tour (Bordeaux Rosé): 

    Chateau Pey La Tour Rose is a blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. A 6-hour phase of cold pre-maceration precedes fermentation, creating concentration of color and aromas. After, the wine is aged on its lees for 3 months to enhance the aromatic finesse. C’est magnifique avec bouilabaisse!

  • 2010 Chateau La Croix du Mayne (Bordeaux Rouge):  

    Hailing from an excellent vintage, this Merlot dominant red showcases layers of fruit and earth, which illustrate Bordeaux’s balance of producing pleasing, yet intriguing wines. This classis Bordeaux looks and tastes expensive, but won’t break the bank! Add Joie de Vivre to any Tuesday night dish!

  • 2010 Chateau Val de Roc (Bordeaux Superior): 

    Château Val de Roc Bordeaux Supérieur blends 70% Merlot 20% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Cab Franc creating a luxurious mouthfeel. Appellation Bordeaux-Superieur Controllée wines have a minimum of 10.5% ABV and must be aged for 12 months prior to release. Parfait with Beef Bourguignon!



The Urban Sampler 12-Pack

Also known as a mixed case, The Urban Grape can custom-create a 12-Pack for you according to your tastes and needs. We are happy to provide this service to our customers as needed or on a pre-arranged weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Urban 12-Packs are available for pick up or delivery, and are offered at a 15% discount.