Enoline Elite Tasting Machines



The Urban Grape features two Enoline Elite wine serving systems that allow our customers to taste up to 16 featured wines. The tasting machines allow you to experience our system of Progressive Shelving first hand – through tasting to determine your palate preferences! Each wine in the tasting machine is picked to show a typical progression from light to heavier bodied wines on our scale of one to ten. 

Key: The number you see below describes where the body of the wine falls on our scale of one to ten. One is lightest bodied, ten is heaviest. “W” stands for white wine, “P” stands for rosé wine, and “R” stands for red wine, i.e. a 10R is the heaviest bodied red wine in the store. 

The featured wines will change regularly, allowing our clientele to continually taste new and exciting wines. A member of our staff is happy to work with you during your tasting to answer questions about the featured wines, or to recommend similar (or dissimilar!) wines that might also be to your liking.


This Month’s featured White Wines:

  • 1W  2012 Ponte Branco Vinho Verde  $9  
  • 2W  2011 Craggy Range Sauvignon Blanc   $24   
  • 3W  2011 Perla Maris Verdejo   $10.40 (Tuesday Tweet Price)   
  • 4W  2012 Travessia Riesling   $22   
  • 5W  2012 Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc/Riesling   $22   
  • 6W  2011 Hartford Russian River Valley Chardonnay   $33
  • 8W  2010 Paul Kubler Gewurztraminer   $25
  • P     2012 Pares Balta Rosé   $11

This Month’s featured Red Wines:

  • 3R  2011 Orogeny Pinot Noir   $33
  • 4R  2006 La Rioja Alta “Vina Alberdi”   $19.20 (Tuesday Tweet Price)
  • 4R  2010 Exem Bordeaux   $14
  • 5R  2008 Tenuta Renieri   $21
  • 6R  2010 Buena Vista Merlot   $16
  • 7R  2010 Anthill Farms Syrah   $25
  • 8R  2009 Marietta Cabernet Sauvignon   $25
  • 9R  2011 Atteca Old Vines Garnacha   $20