Seasonal Selections


Walking down Newbury Street the other day, we couldn’t help but notice how pulled together everyone looks. Crisp jeans, chunky sweaters, leather coats, scarves, nice boots…after an extra hot summer of flip flops and tank tops the New England population is looking dapper once more.

The same goes for our beverage selections. The wine, beer and spirits we choose in the Fall and early winter are decidedly more complex, interesting and pulled together. You know we love Rose wine, but it doesn’t make us work as hard as a great bourbon or Spicy Syrah.

The Urban Grape is celebrating the season with a wide variety of full-bodied red and white wines, pumpkin-y beer and warming brown spirits, many of which are available to taste. Come in today and check out our new Fall inventory!

Here are some of our favorite Fall beverages at The Urban Grape:

  • Brooklyn Brewery Oktoberfest
    Brooklyn Brewery uses two different malts, made specifically for this beer. The result is a malty, caramel and raisin laden, but still lightly hoppy, brew that will keep you warm as the temperature drops!

  • 2008   Torbreck “Woodcutter’s” Shiraz (Barossa Valley)   9R
    Are you tough enough to handle this monster of a wine? Dense, rich, opulent, luscious fruit will knock you out while the gorgeous perfumed aromas intoxicate. Consider yourself warned!


  • 2009   Darioush Viognier (Napa Valley)   8W
    Bright and alluring fragrances of macadamia nut, guava and honeysuckle introduce this distinctive 2009 Viognier. Crisp green apple acidity pleases the palate while the finish is nuanced with orange zest, clove and toffee. This is a fall weather white wine!