Champagne, Cava, Prosecco, Bubbles. Whatever its name, one thing is for certain – life is a little better when sparkling wine is in your glass. We think it’s a shame that sparkling wines are left for special occasions, as there are many affordable bottles that taste great with food, and many special bottles that just get better with age. Let us help you add a little more sparkle to your life…

Here are some of our favorite sparkling wines at the store right now:

Secco Italian Bubbles Brut (Veneto)

Sisters Olivia and Ginevra (Winemaker Charles Smith’s wife) Casa grew up in Rome where they developed a passion for Prosecco. After August 2010, the Italian government requires Prosecco to contain 100% Glera. The Casa sisters decided to keep the Italian blend alive by creating Secco Italian Bubbles, a blend of Pinot Bianco 40% and Glera 60% which exhibits notes of flowers, apples and peaches, with a dry finish.

2004 Louis Roederer Cristal Rose (Champagne)

Hailing from the esteemed producer Louis Roederer, the 2004 Cristal Rose is 70% Pinot from Ay and 30% Chardonnay from Avize.  A light pink color with hints of orange compliments a delicate bouquet, with red fruits, and zesty hints. Its mineral quality is typical for Cristal Rosé, expressing the chalkiness and saltiness of the Aÿ terroir. Airy notes and aromatic harmony signal the discrete power of this great cuvée and hint at its enormous aging capacity.

Duval-LeRoy Brut Rosé (Champagne)

Since 1859, the Duval-LeRoy family have been perfecting the quality of their non-vintage Brut, balancing their passion for winemaking with an aesthetic sensibility.  The Brut Rose’s delicacy of its bubbles and salmon color, created from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir releases a wealth of aromas such as cherries, figs and floral notes. With a solid maturity this wine lives up to its legendary name.

Bollinger “Special Cuvee” Brut (Champagne)

In an age where many champagne houses are concentrating on marketing, Bollinger continues their tradition of quality by producing the biggest and boldest big house non vintage. A rich, smoky  pinot noir  dominated Champagne, with hints of marzipan and fennel seed accenting malt, bread dough, baked apple and almond. It’s all balanced by intense acidity interwoven into the layers of flavor and refined texture, with a lingering finish.