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Five_Minute_Dinner | Urban Grape

Five_Minute_Dinner | Urban Grape

I have looked everywhere and I cannot find a blog entitled “How to Get a Healthy and Family-Friendly Dinner on the Table in Five Minutes After Surviving Work, School, and Soccer Practice.” Could someone start that blog, please?

In the meantime, I offer my humble yet oh-so-satisfying five minute meal – rotisserie chicken and Trader Joe’s Broccoli and Kale Slaw. [For more ideas on how to turn a rotisserie chicken into dinner, check out this recent Epicurious article – the spring veggie meal looks delish!]

I realize I am not breaking the internet with this dinner idea. But the key to this meal is not to skimp on presentation. So I carve the chicken and put it on a platter, pour the juices in the bottom of the container over the whole thing, and salt and pepper all the pieces. Send it to the table with some pretty serving pieces and it looks like something to get excited about.

broccoli-kale-slaw-kit | Urban Grape

Meanwhile, dump the Trader Joe’s Broccoli and Kale Slaw in a bowl. I add more dried cherries and sunflower seeds, and some sliced red onion if I’m feeling flush with time. Mix it up, send it to the table with some pretty salad tongs. I am obsessed with this salad. TJ is obsessed with this salad. If you have not had this salad, go and get it. It sure doesn’t sound like much from the description (broccoli slaw…kinda gross…) but it is so freaking good.

Add a bowl of steamed broccoli for the kids and a basket of rolls and you’ve got a complete meal in five minutes. FIVE!

Just because you’re exhausted and have made a five minute meal doesn’t mean you need to forego the wine. We usually pour an easy Pinot Noir. The cherries bring out the red fruit in the wine, and the Pinot doesn’t over power the chicken. It’s hard to pair wine to the brassica family, but an Oregon Pinot will almost always do the trick, especially if there is some fruit in the salad. We may be rushing to the table, but we’re not uncivilized!

Try a half bottle of the Ken Wright Pinot Noir! 

If you have suggestions of how to feed a family when you’re all exhausted from work, school, and sports, I’m listening. Please share ideas or links below so we can all benefit!