Our Philosophy

The Urban Grape is an award-winning wine, craft beer, and spirits store located in Boston’s vibrant South End neighborhood.

UG is the first store in the world to utilize Progressive Shelving, a unique system of organizing wines by their body, rather than varietal or region. Progressive Shelving allows our staff to help you pick the perfect wine for your palate by encouraging you to explore regions, varietals, producers, and price points all while staying in your wine comfort zone. Discover new wines when you Drink Progressively!

  • Wine

    Wines that tell a story intrigue us. Maybe it’s the story of a father handing his daughter the reigns after 10 generations of male winemakers; or the winemaker who plays classical music to his wine as it ages; or the resurrection of a forgotten varietal or winemaking region. Each bottle has a story, and led by owner and head wine buyer TJ Douglas, the staff of The Urban Grape tastes thousands of bottles of wine each year to pick the selections that will most resonate with our customers. Because our ultimate goal is to help you finish the story yourself when that bottle of wine is poured into your glass and enjoyed.

  • Spirits

    Part of Drinking Progressively is coming to the realization that Popov Vodka and Southern Comfort may get the job done, but hand-crafted spirits taste a whole lot better going down. Boston is home to an incredible cocktail scene, and we use our connections in the hospitality industry to find the best artisan spirits, cordials and liqueurs money can buy. The Urban Grape is particularly known for our brown spirits section with unique bottles from around the world. So stop praying you’ll stumble across a bottle of Pappy, and come check out what we have to offer instead!

  • Beer + Sake

    Launched in 2013, Urban Hops is The Urban Grape’s expanded, dedicated, and curated craft beer program. Featuring close to 300 beer offerings at any time, the selections are organized progressively by their dominant ingredient: Malt, Hops or Yeast. It’s our belief that this ground-breaking system of shelving helps you find the perfect bottle of beer for any occasion, based on your personal palate and preferences. There is a beer out there for everyone – and we’re excited to help you find yours!