From the Vine

November 2017 Urban Sampler

Drink Progressively this Thanksgiving

Four great bottles of wine handpicked by our staff, always $50

November is all about Thanksgiving. Whether your holiday sees the traditional spread of old-school classics, a modern-day feast fit for a chef, or a meat-free vegetarian bounty – the only requirement we have of America’s country-wide binge is good wine to pair and wash it all down (although pants with an elastic waist-line are a close second). We’ve picked the top four table-ready selections, straight from our new book Drink Progressively, for your Holiday pre-game. With a light to heavy approach to pairing, you can go back to worrying about the turkey.

2016 Badenhorst ‘Secateurs’ (Swartland, South Africa) *5W*

This pleasing white wine pairs with almost everything and makes almost every palate blissfully happy. It’s by far one of our most popular wines at UG. Biodynamically grown, old-vine grapes farmed on poor soil add up to low yields of concentrated fruit. Aged on its lees, this wine sees minimal winemaker intervention. The result is a dry Chenin Blanc that will blow your mind at a killer of a price. If you avoid Chenin because it was your grandmother’s wine of choice, time to let this grape into your life. Thanksgiving Tip: This Chenin has enough gusto to moisten the driest turkey and can even stand up to cranberry sauce!

2015 La Grange du Piauger Blanc (Côtes du Rhône, France) *9R*

It’s rare to find an unoaked wine this far up the Progressive Scale, but this warm weather-grown blend of Grenache Blanc, Viognier, and Roussanne has meat and heft for days. The complexity of the blend shines through and adds layers to the wine’s youthful fruitiness. Chardonnay lovers will find a natural comfort with this wine and will fall in love with its beguiling aromas of a summer garden in full bloom. Thanksgiving Tip: A little richness goes a long way, standing up to the heavier dishes instead of wilting away and feeling thin.

2016 Marcel LaPierre ‘Raisins Gaulois’ (Beaujolais, France) *1R*

Gamay is having a big, big moment on the wine scene and the staff at UG is helping to spread the word about this amazing grape. Light-bodied, easy drinking, and often pleasingly rustic, this is a red wine that takes to a chill. The Raisins Gaulois is meant to be drunk young and enjoyed with friends. It’s vibrantly acidic and naturally earthy. A truly joyous red wine made by one of the best winemaking families in Beaujolais. Thanksgiving Tip: Bojo’ pairs exceptionally well with wild rice, roasted squash, cranberries and autumn spices; it balances dinners with a high sweetness factor with its earthiness.

2014 Atteca ‘Old Vines’ (Calatayud, Spain) *9R*

From day one, this has been one of our best selling wines at The Urban Grape. Easy-drinking and full-bodied, the Atteca Old Vines pairs beautifully with red meat. It’s a masculine wine, filled with dark, red fruit and campfire smokiness. As good at a dinner party as it is with a slice of pizza. The ultimate full-bodied cheap and cheerful wine, known for its pop and pour-ability. Thanksgiving Tip: The unsung wine of Thanksgiving, the fruit of Garnacha fills the role of cranberry for your stuffing, turkey and gravy!