From the Vine

Jessica Seinfeld’s Easy Peasy Chicken. With Wine.

The Urban Grape | Orange Rosemary Chicken

I’m obsessed with Jessica Seinfeld and I don’t care who the hell knows it. While others might swoon for the Duchess or contour like a Kardashian, I’m all about a lady who cooks with a healthy side of snark.

Her Instagram account makes me laugh and inspires me to cook, all while acknowledging the general f*cked up status of the world right now. She gives it right back to her detractors – mostly famously, for me at least, retorting “NOT TODAY VEGANS” while she herself was in the middle of a vegan phase (I think it was in reference to a Thanksgiving turkey recipe). Now, when the world is just too much, I’ve been known to whimper, “Not today vegans, not today.” (I love many vegans, and completely respect the decision to be one, so let’s not today or ever)


The Urban Grape | Orange Rosemary Chicken


Her new cookbook Food Swings is a current go to, because everything is SO easy and tasty. Six ingredients kind of tasty. I make her Orange Rosemary chicken endlessly and everyone loves it, even when it hits the table over a bed of bok choy like it did last night (“Mommy, WHAT.IS.THAT?”). I want you to buy the book, but here is the general gist – flour the chicken (I use g-free and it’s fine), sauté in olive oil, remove to a plate, throw in some garlic and rosemary, add orange juice and chicken stock, let it all bubble (this is where I added the bok choy and steamed it in the sauce until the thick parts are soft), plate it up and DONE. You look like you’ve been cooking since breakfast, but the reality is you took a nap and spent ten minutes at the stove while also browsing Instagram.


The Urban Grape | Roasted Beets and Potatoes


I also roasted a bunch of purple and green CSA veggies that were kicking around, mostly because putting them in the roasting pan in all their beauty made me happy – beets, purple potatoes, leeks, and watermelon radishes. Gorgeous, right?


The Urban Grape | Vins de vienne Condrieu

This whole meal would taste great with today’s newsletter offer, the Vins de Vienne Condrieu. Rich and warming, this wine is a *6W* on the UG Progressive Scale. The oiliness of the wine pairs beautifully with the silky sauce. Both the sauce and the wine have subtle sweetness and soft acidity, making them a perfect match. And this wine likes poultry. It would be equally as good with Thanksgiving dinner.

You can order single bottles of the Condrieu (at $50 a bottle) by emailing our Special Orders Department, or can receive a special discount on six bottles ($42.50 a bottle) by ordering through our website.

Here’s to the funny ladies of Instagram, a touch of sanity, and a good food and wine pairing!