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It’s Alive! UG E-Commerce Is Here!

The Urban Grape | Ecommerce Launch

The Urban Grape | Ecommerce Launch

The other night, TJ and I were watching TV, and I paused the show, looked at him and said, “Are we completely insane? Why do we always take on so much?” I was, of course, talking about our new e-commerce site, which was slowly creaking to life.

In the past year alone we’ve undergone a huge home renovation, finished up the Drink Progressively book project, and built a whole new website to house our e-commerce capabilities. While, you know, running the store and raising the kids, and finding time to throw the ball for Zeus every once in a while.

While part of me longs for a year of doing yoga and not much more, the truth is that all of this growth we create by challenging ourselves feels good. We’re learning, we’re spreading the gospel of UG to a wider swath of wine lovers, and we’re having fun while we do it. We’re mostly self-taught small business entrepreneurs and sometimes there is something to be said for diving into the deep end of this life and learning to swim your way out!

The birth of our new, GORGEOUS, e-comm site could not have happened without our team at JSGD, and their tireless work on this project. It was a tough one, a lot bigger than we originally intended, with a lot of variants that are specific to selling alcohol (i.e. what felt like weeks figuring out shipping classes and restrictions and blah blah blah. Please encourage your state reps to FREE THE GRAPES!). The last couple weeks of the project were really stressful – similar to the feeling we had before we opened our brick and mortar store – but we’re so happy with the end result.

So now, you guys need to use it! This is a great way to shop favorites from the store from the comfort of your home or office (we won’t tell). Our selections will be rotating, and we’ll be adding new collections throughout the year as well. For the moment our shipping is limited to 14 states, but we’ve got a plan for that too. Just give us until 2018 and then we’ll be increasing our shipping capabilities to include much of the country.

Welcome to the world, UG Online! We hope you have as much fun shopping on it as we had creating it.