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A Girl’s Weekend in NYC

The Urban Grape | Freeman's NYC

The Urban Grape | Freeman's NYC

Some time before Daylight Savings, as I stood in the encroaching afternoon darkness, folding laundry after a long work day, I sent a text of desperation to two friends that read, “I have to get out of here. Trip to NYC???” I think we had our trip booked seven minutes later.

I love New York. Love it, love it, love it. I love the energy, I love the restaurants, I love how there is always something to do. I love that the bars are filled to capacity at 4 pm on a Saturday. I love that you can go to the city for two days and feel like you’ve been gone a year.

Here are some thoughts and highlights:

  • New York is way more casual than I think of it. Jeans, sneaks, fun t-shirts, and leather jackets are the uniform. Seeing this is essentially all that I wear, I was loving the clothing vibe this trip. Of course some neighborhoods are fancier than others, but I felt like New York was trying a lot less hard than it used to. Or maybe the rest of us have just caught up. It’s always hard to say with NYC.
  • We’ve got to stop saying that New Yorkers are not friendly. They’re focused and can have blinders on (who wouldn’t be with so much humanity teeming around them??), but across the board we met only the friendliest, loveliest people on this trip. I even got some hugs.
  • New York is like a slow burning love affair. You have to go often and let it soak into your soul. It takes time to explore and find your favorite haunts and neighborhoods. If New York intimidates you, just dive in. Pick a neighborhood and go for a night. You won’t regret it.
  • New York, you cocktails are great, but man are they small. Be prepared to wonder if half of your drink got left in the shaker.
  • I have my list of things that I love to do in NYC, but definitely added some new highlights this trip:
    • John Dory Oyster Bar – such a fun vibe, with a friendly waitstaff and great music (any restaurant that plays “Poison” by Bel Biv Davoe is an instant favorite), and the food was excellent. We slurped oysters and drank negronis and split a whole trout with spring veggies. Oh, and the Parker Rolls….definitely get the Parker Rolls.
    • Sadelle’s – There is no comparison to Sadelle’s in Boston. We stopped here for a mid-morning breakfast and bloody marys, and ate ourselves silly. The restaurant is so gorgeous – bright, airy, and busy without feeling crushed. I can’t remember the last time I had a bagel and on Saturday morning I had…..several.
    • Freeman’s – Down the cutest alley in the world you’ll find the cutest restaurant in the world. It’s like falling down a Hobbit Hole. We ended up here at 4 o’clock on Saturday when we couldn’t stand walking in the rain anymore. After many cocktails and the spinach artichoke dip we were feeling revived.
    • Chelsea Market – Somehow I’d never been here before. I can’t even describe it, just go hungry and have fun. I can’t wait to go back with the kids and let them eat their way through the hall. So much fun. Also, it’s home to Cork Buzz and the Chelsea Wine Vault, two great NYC wine destinations.
    • The Standard Grill – I feel like everyone knows about The Standard Hotel, what with it’s perfect location at the end of the High Line. I had been to the beer garden before (a must), but this time we found our way to an interior courtyard where we sat in giant red rocking chairs, under heat lamps and cuddled in blankets drinking margaritas and eating french fries. This is the perfect place to lose yourself for an afternoon. We only left because we had a flight to catch.

There’s nothing like a couple days away with friends to make you feel like a new person. Next up for us, TJ and I head to Vegas and California for a week of adventures. Follow the blog for more of our travel adventures this spring!