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Five Star Reviews Make Our Day

The Urban Grape | Five Star Review

On-line reviews are interesting – as a business you love to read the good ones, you hope to learn something from the mediocre ones, and you usually have to have a thick skin for the bad ones. You really haven’t lived until you’ve read a furious one star review that takes you to task for refusing to accept thousands of dirty beer bottles filled with leaves and cigarette butts (true review).

There are lots of avenues for reviews, and honestly, I only check them every couple of months. We don’t get reviews in the same way a restaurant would, with every dish and moment of service being critiqued. Ours are usually inspired by some moment of great customer service, or some sort of internal tipping point when the reviewer can no longer keep in how much they love (or hate) us. There are reviews on Yelp, Google, Zagat, and a few other sources; but, in general, the most fun and vivacious reviews are on Facebook.

Take, for example, this recent Facebook review that had me ROLLING with laughter and joy. I’m not sure what it was about it, it just tickled me so much. I’ve probably read it ten times since it went up last week.

“Urban Grape is a fantastic wine distributor. I was that “guy” who walked into this place not knowing my Melbec from my Pino Noir. Clearly not knowing what I was doing I had been greeted by a member of the UG staff and told about their point system. Introduced to their sample wines I soon discovered the difference between each. Their use of technology and the fact that they remembered what I had bought, what I was into and deleted the bottles that I felt were subpart for my personal pallet was something I found to be both personal and exciting. Whenever anyone starts to talk about wine I always lead them to Urban Grape website. These guys know what they are doing and have a knack for making each customer feel special which is something that money can’t buy. Their email marketing pairings at first I must confess though, were junk mail, until I actually opened one. They were short and to the point while making me feel like having people over. Why? Just because. It’s not like they have magic in their sommelier wands. They just know how to treat people well.”

It’s got honesty, humor, infectious excitement, personal growth, and – my favorite – a revelation that our email marketing is actually awesome! And the sentence “It’s not like they have magic in their sommelier wands” is one I would like to stencil onto the wall of our home office.

So to whomever wrote this review, thank you so much. You’ve recharged our magic sommelier wands with a whole lot of passion to keep doing what we do.

Feel like you’ve hit the tipping point with UG and want to write a review? We welcome all you have to say on any of the sites mentioned above. Just don’t yell at us for not taking your dirty beer bottles, m’kay?



2 thoughts on “Five Star Reviews Make Our Day

  1. So I may or may not have let out a loud “Oh What!?!” on the outbound Redline tonight when I read this post. Then had to dodge judgmental onlookers who were half startled/half annoyed by my outburst. Little did they know that someone actually read my review and apparently got such a kick out of it decided to feature it on their website.
    I appreciate it and it has made my day. Now that I hear your wands are fully charged get your paintbrushes at th ready (see what I did there?) and stencil away.
    To help get it started I hear by release all IP and authorize The Urban Grape to record and use, publish and reproduce, separately or together, my entry in print or electronic format or any media now known or hereafter created in connection with my (“works”) “It’s not like they have magic in their sommelier wands”. Bam! Now you are legit… Well according to the almighty Google and the quick search I did. 😉

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