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February Urban Sampler: Aussie Adventure!

February 2017 Urban Sampler

Four great bottles of wine handpicked by our staff, always $50


“Aussie Adventure!”

Stop ‘fossicking,’ (searching) the next great sampler has arrived from Down Under! We’ve been feeling the cold weather here in Boston and decided to take a trip south of the equator this month. Close your eyes and envision you’re sipping on chardonnay in the Gold Coast while checking out the ‘Shelias.’ Or, maybe you’ve just opened some Shiraz as liquid courage while roaming the outback in search of a bunyip (mythical outback creature). This sampler is ‘dinky-di’ (the real thing) and just what we need!

2015 Lismore Range Chardonnay Reserve

(Lismore Range, South Eastern Australia, Australia)

Lismore, a city in New South Wales, benefits from being located just east of the Great Dividing Range, a series of mountain ranges, plateaus, and upland areas with rich geological history of complex soils. Broad and ripe, this wine offers hints of lemon curd, crushed stone, and a delicious buttery flavor. Toss some prawns in a little coriander, sear, and serve over a bed of arugula. Yum!

2014 Yalumba ‘Y Series’ Shiraz Viognier

(South Australia, Australia)

Australia’s oldest family owned winery, Yalumba was founded in 1849 by Samuel Smith, British migrant, and English brewer. After purchasing a 30-acre parcel of land just beyond the southern-eastern boundary of Angaston, Smith and his son began planting the first vines by moonlight. Samuel named his patch ‘Yalumba’ (Aboriginal for ‘all the land around). This Shiraz is dense purple in color and is rich and juicy; it’s a big mouthful of Australia! Try Lamb Shawarma or Gyros to pair with this Shiraz.

2014 Red Knot Shiraz

(McLaren Vale, Australia)

Give this Shiraz a burl (try it)! The name Red Knot refers to the gnarly knots found in the wood of the native Australian gum tree. These trees can be found surrounding the Davey Estate, and the wood was once sourced to make fence posts that marked the first vineyards in the McLaren Vale. Red Knot is 100% Shiraz produced and bottled by Shingleback Wine from the McLaren Vale. Throw some steak on the barbie with some pepper and ‘bog in’ (dive in)!


2013 Woop Woop Cabernet Sauvignon

(South Eastern Australia, Australia)

In Aussie slang ‘Woop Woop’ means a small, perhaps, unimportant town. But if this ‘Woop Woop’ is making Cabernet Sauvignon, you can bet we’ll be there! Carefully selected parcels of grapes sourced from a selection of renowned Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards in premium Australian wine regions, including Limestone Coast, South Australia, and New South Wales, where bright sun and ancient soils do their best. This Cabernet is brilliant ruby in color with smoke-accented dark berry flavor and would be aces (excellent) with a bacon BBQ burger!