From the Vine

Event(s) Wrap up!

The past few weeks of events at The Urban Grape have really been more like parties. If our mission was to open a store that creates community, memories and joy through the experience of wine, then it seems like our business model is really falling into place. We’re continually amazed at how many of you turn our for our events and that you have made stopping by The Urban Grape a real part of your itinerary. We’ll keep up the parties, you keep on stopping by!

If you haven’t made it to one of our recent events, there are lots more coming up and you can check out the schedule here. And don’t forget, even if there are no scheduled events, we always have tastings Thursdays and Fridays from 5-8 and Saturdays from 2-5. In the meantime, here are a few photos of the fun we’ve been having.

Anya from Pretty Things poured a selection of tasty brews at our Superbowl Party

What happens when you sample Travessia's Vidal Blanc to over 100 people? You decimate your inventory, that's what happens!

Locally made Fastachi Nuts

Locally made To Die for Dips - perfect for the big game!

Get this man a publicist - English Bill always ready for the camera...

Chilling with Gregg Daniels...I'm pretty sure he offered me a radio job by the end of the night.

Amazing rum creations

The rum behind it all - Brugal Anejo

Love was in the air during our Valentine's Day Party featuring Vianne Chocolat

The Vianne Chocolat spread, and in the back a gorgeous arrangement from Ilex Flowers