From the Vine

#DeliveryDay Frenzy

Beer delivery day, which is Wednesday, has become a bit of a frenzy at UG. Ben posts the newly arrived items on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and then it’s a hustle to get a bottle of the more allocated stuff. One customer said yesterday that calling the South End was like trying to call TicketMaster. If you’re not following Ben, it’s worth doing so and keeping his feed up on Wednesday. That way if there is a cool bottle you can grab it before it goes on the shelf. As always, we’ll put anything aside for you as long as it is held with a credit card number (this goes for all products, not just beer). 

Here are some new items that Ben is particularly excited about this week: 

Brasserie Dieu du Ciel “Solstice D’Hiver” Barleywine

Vanberg et Famille “Bzart” Gueuze

Ithaca Brewing “Cold Front” Belgian Dark Ale

The holiday beers are starting to come in, so it’s definitely worth getting to the store to check out the selection if you haven’t been in a few weeks. 

Chelsea is particularly excited about the new Grand Ten Fire Puncher Black. This is the same base as Grand Ten’s Fire Puncher (distilled with local chipotle peppers) but it’s also distilled with Taza chocolate. Local, local, local. It’s been getting rave reviews, and we hear it makes a mean White Russian – updated for the modern palate! 

The Rough Rider “Bull Moose” Three Barrel Rye Whiskey is also selling well now that the weather has turned a little chillier. This is a new favorite of Trevor’s, who appreciates its lightness, while still showing good oak and spice influence. You can try the Rough Rider line-up on November 22nd at UGCH at our Friday night tasting. 

This time of year always marks the arrival of The Prisoner’s new vintage. Demand for this wine keeps going up, and we’re appropriately stocked. We’ll still sell out, though, so if this is something you like to have throughout the year, come grab a case from us and score the 15% discount! 

We’re also loving this $25 Syrah from Anthill Farms on the Sonoma Coast. These guys pick really late, and it makes their wine very interesting, while still being approachable. There’s also not a lot of it around, and you know how we love to turn you onto these cool bottles before they disappear. Definitely worth a try next time you’re in! 

Make sure to #Get2UG this weekend for an awesome line-up of tastings. We’ve got everything from cider, to beer, to wine, as well as some locally sourced food from Something Gud. Click the hashtag for the full line-up of this weekend’s tastings!