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David’s Staff Picks!

The Urban Grape | David Pavlus Staff Picks

The Urban Grape | David Pavlus Staff Picks

David’s passions are beer and spirits, but he’s a fan of wine too! Here are his favorite picks at the store this January – all perfect for the upcoming Pats game on Sunday!

Litchfield Distillery Doubel Barreled Bourbon Whiskey:

When I was first told of Litchfield Distillery I have to admit that I was skeptical. So many “Craft” or small distilleries are trying to rush the liquid through the barrels and the final product lack complexity and is just too rough to command the prices they are asking. However, after my first taste of the Litchfield Double Barreled Bourbon I was in love! For their Double Barrel Bourbon, Litchfield Distilling is sourcing liquid from one of the biggest and best distilleries in Kentucky and then bringing it back to Connecticut and instead of just bottling it and calling it quits they are going a step further by going ahead and proofing the whiskey to 88 proof and then putting that liquid back into brand new heavily charred oak barrels and letting it coax another level of flavor and complexity out of those barrels. The end product is a smooth, rich, incredibly easy drinking bourbon with intense notes of vanilla, hints of cinnamon, and just a touch of dried fruit.

Kelsen Draken Robust Porter:

This time of year I crave dark, roasty, full bodied beer. There is nothing better on a cold night than curling up on the couch with my wife and dog with a glass of dark, rich and warming beer. The Draken Robust Porter by Kelsen Brewing Company is the perfect beer for those cold nights. Kelsen Brewing is located just over the Massachusetts border in Derry, NH and all of their beers that I have tried are world class. The Draken Robust Porter has a special place with me because that style of beer just so happens to be my favorite and the nerd in me can’t help but love the label art and branding on all of the Kelsen beers. This beer is incredibly balanced with just the right amount of coffee roast, hints of dark chocolate, a touch of caramel sweetness which is matched by the perfect hop bitterness and just enough alcohol to let you know it’s there.

La Forge Estate Cabernet:

I am a big fan of big, full bodied red wines and have always enjoyed California Cabernet but the La Forge Cabernet which is 100% cabernet from the Languedoc region of France is a welcome change from the big California Cabs. This wine is still very full bodied, but with earthier notes of tobacco and earth and softer rich fruit like dark cherry, vanilla, and just a hint of spice. I love this wine alongside a perfectly cooked ribeye or roasted leg of lamb.