Urban Sampler

April 2017 Urban Sampler

 “Fritalian Face-Off: Savoie Vs. Sicily”

Four great bottles of wine handpicked by our staff, always $50

Bigger than David and Goliath? More like Goliath vs. Goliath. Two of the world’s most classic regions are facing off in April’s Urban Sampler: France and Italy, Savoie Vs. Sicily. In one corner we have Savoie, wines offer compelling flavor profiles and great aging potential. These are food-friendly, unusual wines for those of us who are bold enough to, occasionally, venture off-piste. In the other corner we have Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and the island’s inhabitants have been drinking wine as far back as the 17th century B.C.

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March Urban Sampler: Pinot Party!

March 2017 Urban Sampler

Four great bottles of wine handpicked by our staff, always $50

“Pinot Party!” Urban Sampler

Ain’t no party like a Pinot party, cuz a Pinot Party keeps flowing! Get through the muddy days of March with a glass of Pinot on the couch. Or when the weather warms take another glass out to the porch and enjoy the sunshine. Pinot Noir is the 10th most planted grape variety in the world. Wines made with Pinot Noir have cultivated a gigantic following of hardcore wine enthusiasts. In fact, average prices for Pinot Noir tend to be higher than other grapes, so we helped you out by packaging some perfectly priced party Pinot in March’s Urban Sampler!


NV Brut d’Argent Pinot Noir Rosé
(Jura, France)

Get the Pinot party started with this sparkling Rosé! Sourced from the Jura, this Rosé is a classic expression of the cold climate of the Jura nestled on the boarder of Switzerland. This Rosé is Méthode Traditionelle and is intense, deep and vibrant ‘Rosé color’ with red fruit dominated notes! Enjoy this bottle with spiced chicken thighs or enjoy on its own to celebrate the first day of spring!


2013 Terregaie ‘Stema’ Pinot Nero
(Veneto, Italy)

Uncork this crowd-pleasing Pinot for any soirée (solo or sizable)! The cool hillsides of the Veneto are wonderful for growing Pinot Noir. Stema Pinot Noir has a spirited and fruity bouquet with notes of freshly baked blueberry mixed with bramble strawberry. This Pinot Noir pairs nicely pork tenderloin stuffed with brie and mushrooms or a simple grilled wild salmon with a side of beets!


2013 Liberated Winery Monterey Pinot Noir
(Monterey, California)

Keep the party going with this Californian Pinot! Liberated is a wine that celebrates wine lovers leaving their comfort zones behind and exploring new styles. Energetic black cherry and an earthy nutmeg character show on the nose of this stylishly labeled bottling. This Pinot is a perfect match for crispy duck and figs!


2015 Domaine Brunet ‘Vin de Pays d’Oc’ Pinot Noir
(Languedoc-Roussillon, France)

The party won’t stop with this last Pinot! Charm your friends and family with this bright and deep red Pinot! It presents an intense bouquet of fruity aromas with some touches of cherry and vanilla, oh my! Domaine Brunet is ideal with any type of red meat dishes like chargrilled steak and buttery rosemary potatoes or simply to enjoy a good drink with friends as the warm weather washes in!


February Urban Sampler: Aussie Adventure!

February 2017 Urban Sampler

Four great bottles of wine handpicked by our staff, always $50


“Aussie Adventure!”

Stop ‘fossicking,’ (searching) the next great sampler has arrived from Down Under! We’ve been feeling the cold weather here in Boston and decided to take a trip south of the equator this month. Close your eyes and envision you’re sipping on chardonnay in the Gold Coast while checking out the ‘Shelias.’ Or, maybe you’ve just opened some Shiraz as liquid courage while roaming the outback in search of a bunyip (mythical outback creature). This sampler is ‘dinky-di’ (the real thing) and just what we need!

2015 Lismore Range Chardonnay Reserve

(Lismore Range, South Eastern Australia, Australia)

Lismore, a city in New South Wales, benefits from being located just east of the Great Dividing Range, a series of mountain ranges, plateaus, and upland areas with rich geological history of complex soils. Broad and ripe, this wine offers hints of lemon curd, crushed stone, and a delicious buttery flavor. Toss some prawns in a little coriander, sear, and serve over a bed of arugula. Yum!

2014 Yalumba ‘Y Series’ Shiraz Viognier

(South Australia, Australia)

Australia’s oldest family owned winery, Yalumba was founded in 1849 by Samuel Smith, British migrant, and English brewer. After purchasing a 30-acre parcel of land just beyond the southern-eastern boundary of Angaston, Smith and his son began planting the first vines by moonlight. Samuel named his patch ‘Yalumba’ (Aboriginal for ‘all the land around). This Shiraz is dense purple in color and is rich and juicy; it’s a big mouthful of Australia! Try Lamb Shawarma or Gyros to pair with this Shiraz.

2014 Red Knot Shiraz

(McLaren Vale, Australia)

Give this Shiraz a burl (try it)! The name Red Knot refers to the gnarly knots found in the wood of the native Australian gum tree. These trees can be found surrounding the Davey Estate, and the wood was once sourced to make fence posts that marked the first vineyards in the McLaren Vale. Red Knot is 100% Shiraz produced and bottled by Shingleback Wine from the McLaren Vale. Throw some steak on the barbie with some pepper and ‘bog in’ (dive in)!


2013 Woop Woop Cabernet Sauvignon

(South Eastern Australia, Australia)

In Aussie slang ‘Woop Woop’ means a small, perhaps, unimportant town. But if this ‘Woop Woop’ is making Cabernet Sauvignon, you can bet we’ll be there! Carefully selected parcels of grapes sourced from a selection of renowned Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards in premium Australian wine regions, including Limestone Coast, South Australia, and New South Wales, where bright sun and ancient soils do their best. This Cabernet is brilliant ruby in color with smoke-accented dark berry flavor and would be aces (excellent) with a bacon BBQ burger!


January 2017 Urban Sampler: MALBEC QUARTET

Malbec Quartet! January 2017 Urban Sampler

Four great bottles of wine handpicked by our staff, always $50

January is a month dedicated to self-improvement. Start the New Year off right by adding more wine facts to your intellectual arsenal with UG’s “Malbec Quartet” sampler. Malbec (AKA Côt and Auxxerois) is originally from Southwest France. Today the majority of France’s Malbec is found in Cahors, a small town close to Bordeaux. Malbec quickly became common as a blending grape in Bordeaux, but due to the grapes’ poor resistance to weather and pests, it never achieved greatness. Instead, it found a new home in Mendoza, Argentina where a nostalgic French botanist planted it in 1868. Today, Argentina leads with over 75% of all the acres of Malbec in the world! Experience why this grape has become a worldwide sensation with our January 2017 “Malbec Quartet” Urban Sampler!

Domaine Augis, La Rosee Sparkling Malbec (Loire Valley, FRA) B

The 5th generation Augis, Philippe manages everything from vine, to bottle, to sales. Domaine Augis comprises 44.47 acres, and is split between the communes of AOC Touraine and AOC Valençay. This methode traditionnelle Malbec combines the rarity of sparkling Malbec coming from France’s Loire Valley!

2014 Georges Vigouroux Gouleyant Cahors (Cahors, France) 6R

Georges Vigouroux is a pioneer of the Cahors Appellation and French Malbec. The vineyard is an ideal spot for Malbec featuring stony soil with red clay and excellent southwest and southeast facing sun exposure. The vines grow on one of the highest vineyards in the appellation which contribute to this Malbec’s mouth watering acidity!

2015 Zolo Malbec (Mendoza, Argentina) 7R

Zolo is produced at one of the most technologically advanced wineries in Argentina. Zolo selects grapes from estate vineyards throughout different key regions of Mendoza. This value driven Malbec is fruit- forward, and can be enjoyed with a wide range of food, or solo!

2015 Bodega Septima, Malbec (Mendoza, Argentina) 7R

Septima Malbec is produced under high quality standards, aging for 6 months in third use American oak barrels. Fresh cherry, toasty and vanilla notes obtained from the oak, acidity and alcohol are perfectly balanced with soft and delicate tannins. This is the perfect wine for New World wine lovers!



December 2016 Urban Sampler: LIQUID CHEER!

The Urban Grape | 12/16 Sampler

LIQUID CHEER! December 2016 Urban Sampler

Four great bottles of wine handpicked by our staff, always $50

Can you feel it? Holiday spirit is in the air! December ushers in holiday festivities such as gifting, baking, hosting and of course drinking! Tinsel and glitter dust the town to make the holiday season a bit brighter and merrier. The Urban Grape had joined in the fun with December Sampler “Liquid Cheer!” Each wine is perfect for an evening with friends and family. We are featuring a sparkling for holiday toasting, a white to sip on while baking cookies, a light red for hors d’oeuvres and a medium-bodied red for the main course. This Urban Sampler is a sure fire way to bring “Liquid Cheer” to those near and dear!

NV Marsuret Prosecco Treviso Extra Dry (Veneto, Italy)

You can’t celebrate the holiday season without a little bubbly! Prosecco DOC Treviso Extra Dry is a classic Prosecco sourced from estate-grown fruit. This Prosecco combines the characteristic aromatic essence with notable acidity. Fresh, light and fruit- forward, Marsuret is perfect for any holiday toast!

2015 Tire Bouchon Sauvignon Blanc (Languedoc-Roussillon, France)

Sometimes the holiday season (and the bountiful array of treats that comes with it) can leave you feeling a bit heavy. Lucky for you, this Tire Bouchon Sauvignon Blanc could never weigh you down. It’s fresh with mineral aromas and, green apple and citrus avors on the palate. Shake up the season with a light white to pair with any festive salad, or sh dish!

2015 Guidobono Barbera d’Alba (Piedmont, Italy)

Somehow Barbera wine tastes both rich and light- bodied. Why is that? Well, one reason is that it has dark staining pigments that dye the wine to near-black. However, the taste of Barbera has notes of strawberry and sour cherry: avors synonymous with light-bodied wines. Try this juicy wine with meats, mushrooms, root vegetables & braised greens. The perfect compliment to any holiday dinner spread!

2012 Chateau Paveil de Luze Petit Paveil (Bordeaux, France)

This is perfect sipping wine for decorating your tree or putting up lights around the house! Ruby red, fruity, with appearing freshness combined with supple tannins make this a very enjoyable wine that can stand up to complex dishes such as roast beef.




Thanksgiving Sampler


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Everyone gathers around in the kitchen and the room swells with the heady scents of the season.  Most of my memories of Thanksgiving take place in the kitchen and wine is an essential ingredient. In the words of Julia Child “…sometimes I even put it in the food.” Pairing wines for Thanksgiving can be easy!

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November 2016 Urban Sampler


Grape-ful Gathering!

Four great bottles of wine handpicked by our staff, always $50

Thanksgiving is one of the UG’s favorite holidays because it is filled with family, friends and sensational smells wafting from the kitchen. There is nothing more special than leaving your stresses behind and spending the day with family, friends and of course good wine! Get into the turkey-coma spirit with UG’s “Grape-Ful Gathering” Urban Sampler featuring four American wines, which pair perfectly with turkey and all the T-Day sides and fixings! Raise a glass and give thanks for America’s bountiful wine harvest with UG’s Urban Sampler!

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“Portuguese, If You Please!” October 2016 Urban Sampler


The Urban Grape | Urban Sampler October 2016 (2)


“Portuguese, If You Please!” Urban Sampler 

Four great bottles of wine handpicked by our staff, always $50


October welcomes back sweater weather and fall festivities such as Oktoberfest, Leaf-Peeping and Trick-or-Treating! What better what better way to celebrate than with October’s “Portuguese, If You Please” Urban Sampler? Because Portugal’s wine culture developed in relative isolation, there are many grape varieties that do not grow anywhere else in the world. The vast majority of wines in Portugal come from indigenous grapes that are delicious to drink and are easy on the wallet. Many wine experts feel Portugal is the last frontier of wine in Western Europe. There is still so much to be discovered. Portugal offers so much excitement, we packaged up our favorites for you to try! Grab some pao de Mafra and some charcuterie and enjoy this month’s Urban Sampler, the perfect pairing to any festive fall festivity!


2015 Beyra Vinho Branco (Beira Interior, Portugal)

Roupeiro and Fonte Cal

This fresh wine offers citrus fruitiness, white flowers, and great acidity on the palate, stemming from the altitude of the vineyards. The soul of this wine lies in the unique combination of the Síria and Fonte Cal native grape varieties. This wine would be excellent as an aperitif, with appetizers, or to share with friends!


2015 Compania de Vinos del Atlantico “Asnella” Single Vineyard Vinho Verde (Basto, Portugal)

60% Arinto, 40% Loureiro

Fan favorite alert! Asnella is a single vineyard Vinho Verde that exposes an unexplored side of the Vinho Verde DOC. In addition to the delicious, lightly effervescent aperitif-style wines that are most frequently exported from this part of Northern Portugal, there is a whole category of terroir-driven, artisan wines that has heretofore gone unnoticed. The flinty minerality and bright fruit on the Asnella make it an ideal pair for oysters, as well as shrimp, clams, mussels and other seafood.


2013 Quinta do Crasto “Flor de Crasto” (Douro, Portugal)

Tinta Roriz, Touriga Franca & Touriga Nacional

A lip-smacking blend of Portuguese star grapes! This wine is would be perfect to sip on while watching the leaves change. It’s medium bodied, fruity and dry with fresh acidity. Abundant aromas and flavors of ripe berries with a touch of spice! Great pairing with beef empanadas, or lamb with garlic and rosemary, YUM!


2013 Casa Ferreirinha “Esteva” (Douro Valley, Portugal)

35% Tinta Roriz, 30% Tinta Barroca, 20% Touriga Franca, 15% Touriga Nacional

Esteva comes from the Northern Douro region and is majority Tinta Roiz (also know as Tempranillo in Spain!). It’s a ruby-colored wine with an intense bouquet, rich in ripe red berries, floral notes, and woody aromas. Expect fine structure with well-integrated tannins, red berries and a hint of pepper! Try pairing with some baby back ribs, or aged cheeses!


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September Urban Sampler: GRENACHE WITH PANACHE


September 2016 Urban Sampler

Four great bottles of wine handpicked by our staff, always $50


“Grenache with Panache” Urban Sampler

September signals the end of summer and the start of the school year. Just because you aren’t still enrolled in school, doesn’t mean you can’t learn something new! The Urban Grape has taken this opportunity to help further your wine education with September’s Urban Sampler, “Grenache with Panache” featuring sparkling, white, rosé and red Grenache. Grenache Noir, (or as it’s known in Spain, as Garnacha Negra), is one of the most widely planted red grapes in the world. But don’t forget about Grenache blanc, the green-skinned cousin to purple-skinned Grenache Noir typically planted all over Southern France and parts of Spain. Sample your way through four fantastic Spanish Grenache wines to further your grape education this September!


 NV Isaac Fernandez Seleccion “Biutiful” Brut Cava Rose (Requena, Spain)

100% Garnacha

The Biutiful Cavas are produced at a winery created in 2007 utilizing the latest technology for the production of Cava (the Spanish equivalent to Champagne). This rosé shows beautiful (biutiful) Grenache aromas and flavors of fresh strawberry and a creamy, soft mousse. Pop it open alongside Pork Braised in Champagne Vinegar!

2015 Viña Zorzal Garnacha Blanca (Navarra, Spain)

100% Garnacha Blanca

The Viña Zorzal Grenache vineyards have unique quality factors such as high altitude vines, continental climate, and stony soil. This wine is dry and fresh with a medium body and citrus and stone fruit flavors. Perfect paired with lemon herb chicken!

2015 Herencia Altes Garnatxa Negra Rosat (Catalonia, Spain)

100%Garnacha Negra

These grapes are picked earlier than they would be for red wine, keeping potential alcohol levels lower. Upon entering the winery, the grapes are crushed, chilled and sent directly to the press where they macerate on skins for 2-3 hours. A delicate floral aroma is followed by light, fresh taste with a hint of sweetness. This Rosat is amazing with classic Spanish charcuterie or a simple tomato sprinkled with sea salt!

2014 Lechuza Old Vine Garnacha (Aragon, Spain)

100% Old Vine Garnacha

Named Lechuza, for the owls that are so prevalent in the area, this Garnacha comes from ancient plots of old vine Garnacha. Beautiful scents of violets and wild berries are met by rich flavors of blackberry and blueberry. A full-throttle wine with big flavors and rich texture is perfect to sip on while making the kid’s back to school shopping list! Also perfect with weeknight pizza!



August Urban Sampler: PORCH POUNDERS!


August 2016 Urban Sampler

Four great bottles of wine handpicked by our staff, always $50

“Porch Pounders” Urban Sampler

The best moments of summer are those carefree days where you can sit and relax without a worry in the world. These moments of relaxation are often aided by a great wine that refreshes the palate like a cold glass of lemonade. Enjoy these Porch Pounders from our Urban Sampler 4-pack, which are the perfect wines to enjoy summer sipping wherever your “porch” may be. Let your last dog days of summer be worry free with wines that are crisp, refreshing and delicious till the last drop!

NV El Xamfrà Cava Brut (Penedes, Spain) 

Macabeo, Xarel·lo, Parellada

El Xamfra has been making great cava since 1987 in Spain’s Penedes region right outside of Barcelona. Cava is Spanish sparkling wine, made the same method as Champagne, but with indigenous Spanish grapes. This bubbly is Spain’s answer to Champagne, but at an excellent value! Pop open for a perfect summer sunset toast!

2014 Pedra Cancella “Seleção do Enólogo 4W (Dão, Portugal)

Malvasia, Encruzado

Joao Paul Gouveia is the owner of his family’s vineyard Pedra Cancela, located on slopes above the Dao River. Pedra’s wines are highly polished, modern-leaning examples of Dao. This beautifully balanced wine offers up a lovely mix of freshness and florals from Malvasina-Fina and rich textures from Encruzado.  Sip the day away on the back deck with this creamy smooth white wine with a long-lasting finish.

2015 Lieu-dit Cocagne Rose (Coteaux du Vendomois-Loire Valley, France)

100% Pineau D’Aunis

The rosé is made by a cooperative in Vendomois that was established in 1921.  Today they have 12 independent winemakers and 25 wine growers.  This rose of pineau d’aunis has racy minerality, blazing acidity, and red cranberry tartness. Absolutely divine with summer cold cuts, avocado salads, and tuna dishes!

2015 Tenuta di Gracciano Rosato di Toscana (Tuscany, Italy)

100% Prugnolo Gentile (Sangiovese)

The Gracciano Estate is one of the oldest wineries in the Montepulciano region. The vines grow on the clay and silty soil of the Gracciano hills, one of the oldest crus of Montepulciano. This rose features hints of cherry, raspberry, and rose. The palate is fresh, with a fruity finish making it excellent with pizza and charcuterie.