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The official Paso Robles wine website says that the region’s town feels like it’s right out of a Normal Rockwell painting, but when Paso emerged on the wine scene it had a reputation for being the Wild, Wild West. In the years that have passed, Paso Robles has become more mainstream, but the energy and pioneering spirit still remain. Paso is known for it’s Cabernet Sauvignon, of which the Brea “Margarita Vineyards” Cab is a shining, and affordable, example.

Brea, a project between Chris Brockway of Broc Cellars and Tim Elenteny of TE Imports, has a passion for organically farmed fruit and wild yeast fermentation to produce real deal, unadulterated expressions of California Cabernet. This vintage of the “Margarita Vineyards” has bright red currants and berry flavors wrapped in elegant tannins and striking minerality.

This wine has earned TJ’s top rating of “yummy,” a term reserved for those that make your toes curl with happiness. It’s got big, in your face fruit, but maintains its balance, a hallmark of the Paso Robles wines and winemaking style.

Still not convinced? Compare the price to that of Napa Cabernet and you’ll see it’s worth it to give this bottle a try! Such a steal for Cab coming out of California.

Regular Price: $35/bottle

15% per Bottle Discount: $29.75/bottle

25% four-bottle Discount: $105 ($35 savings at $26.25 a bottle) *That’s like buy 3, Get 1 Free!

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November 2016 Urban Sampler


Grape-ful Gathering!

Four great bottles of wine handpicked by our staff, always $50

Thanksgiving is one of the UG’s favorite holidays because it is filled with family, friends and sensational smells wafting from the kitchen. There is nothing more special than leaving your stresses behind and spending the day with family, friends and of course good wine! Get into the turkey-coma spirit with UG’s “Grape-Ful Gathering” Urban Sampler featuring four American wines, which pair perfectly with turkey and all the T-Day sides and fixings! Raise a glass and give thanks for America’s bountiful wine harvest with UG’s Urban Sampler!

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A Foray into Fall Food

The Urban Grape | delicata squash

It seems like just a week ago that I was bemoaning the death of tomato and corn season, but just like that I’m officially excited for fall food. The savory deliciousness, the ease of wine pairing, the joy of eating dinner by a quiet fire – it does feel pretty exciting to have these moments back in our lives after a hectic, hot summer.

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Kick off to Summer 2016!

The Urban Grape | Douglas Family

Summer is upon us, which means three months of juggling work, kids, and fun has begun. I feel guilty for admitting it, but in years past I dreaded the start of summer. The kids were so little and exhausting, and for many years I would always have a flare of my Lyme Disease that coincided with their release from school (stress related, obviously). I often felt like I was crawling through the days and not really succeeding at anything.

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June Urban Sampler: Summer Crush!

June Urban Sampler

June 2016 Urban Sampler

Four great bottles of wine handpicked by our staff, always $50

Summer Crush! Urban Sampler

It is finally heating up and Urban Grape has the perfect companion to enliven your summer escapades. Our June, “Summer Crush” Urban Sampler delivers four wines that are perfect to bring on outdoor dates such as the beach, boat, and backyard BBQs. Introduce this summer crush to friends and family and receive unanimous approval! These wines are perfectly crushable and easy access-no corkscrew necessary!

NV Les Vins Breban Bo Rivage Blanc de Blancs Brut 80% Ugni Blanc, 20% Colombard (Provence, France)

Owner, Jean-Jacques Bréban has partnerships with more than 20 producers, which work in collaboration with “Vins Bréban” in the Var department of Provence. Ugni-Blanc and Colombard are traditional grape varietals, highly appreciated for their aromatic qualities. Bo Rivage Brut is a delightful, refreshing and well-balanced sparkling, which begs for a beachfront view and shellfish!

NV Solimar Vinho Verde 1W Loureiro and Azal (Minho, Portugal)

Northwestern Portugal is home to the Vinho Verde region, producing lovely zingy whites from local grapes. “Verde” meaning green refers to the tradition of drinking Vinho Verde wines while they are young. This fizzy wine with delicate citrus and melon aromas will pair nicely with Asian summer rolls and summer scorchers!

2015 DeMorgenzon “DMZ” Rosé Cabernet Sauvignon (Stellenbosch, South Africa)

DeMorgenzon pipes Baroque music through the vineyards 24×7 because they believe the power of music positively influences the ripening process. This crowd-pleasing rosé combines New World-style fruit with Old World-style elegance. Fire up the grill, this rosé is a match with veggie, or chicken kebabs!

2014 Vina Herminia Tempranillo 4R Tempranillo (Rioja, Spain)

The highest respect for centuries-old traditions, combined with the best terroir in addition to the latest technology summarizes the philosophy at Viña Herminia. This medium bodied Rioja with a long fruity finish makes a perfect threesome with burgers and summer sunsets!



Composed Salad Season!

The Urban Grape | Composed Steak Salad

I am a composed salad junkie. As a family dinner vehicle, composed salads are unparalleled in their flexibility and ease. TJ and I get to eat something healthy and delicious, the kids get to eat the parts of said healthy and delicious food that make them happy. One meal, many different options, no fights at the dinner table.

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