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Beer Blog – Pretty Things

Beer Guy Noah is at it again.  Today, an ode to Pretty Things…

Pretty things come in all shapes and sizes. Some come wrapped in shiny paper, some in fancy bows, but the prettiest of things comes from within a bottle. What, you ask? Well I’ll tell you this: you can find it on our beer shelf, in five different styles in fact, each one as equally pretty as the other. You can find it light and summery, or dark and rustic, or big and malty, or hiding behind a Field mouse or a baby tree. And the best part is, these particular pretty things come with the low and pretty price of six or eight dollars—a very affordable fee for something so pretty.

If you haven’t caught on by now, I’ll go ahead and spit it out straightforwardly for you. The items I’ve been speaking so fondly of come from not a brewery, but a very special, Massachusetts based beer and ale project known as Pretty Things.  They’re a super cool company with super cool products. As I mentioned before, we currently carry five:

Jack D’Or- A delicious, refreshing table beer—the central brew of the bunch—an Americanized Belgian saison style ale that smells of zesty lemon peel and barnyard funk. It’s citrusy and peppery and clean with a dry, crisp finish—subtle complexity in a pretty bottle.

American Darling- A terrifically big lager with yeasty floral notes, a tart lemony twang and a perfect balance of mellow hops. It’s SUPER refreshing and unusually complex for the style. Oh and by the way, its ABV is 7%, but you’d never know. So if you’re dying for the perfect sit-out-on-the-deck-after-mowing-the-lawn summer beer for these oh-so-hot and humid days, you’ve found your fix.

Field Mouse’s Farewell- Sweet. Biscuity. Tart. A yummy farmhouse ale, slightly bitter, with a smooth,velvety viscosity. On the palate it starts out sweet and malty, but then the field mouse morphs revealing a mildly hoppy bitter side. The finish is almost questionably clean. Mmmm.

Baby Tree- A big 9% ABV Belgian style quadruple ale brewed with dried plums. I was a bit weary at first when I lay eyes on this colorful bottle. Not because of the bizarre label which revealed a tree full of babies, but because I had given up on belgian style quadruples after exposure to Ommegang’s Three Philosophers. Nothing seemed to stand up to it. I can now say that my fridge is stocked with both ales, Three Philosophers and Baby Tree, side by side, they stand together. Like a quadruple ale should, Baby Tree delivers big on the fruitiness. A rich plum flavor seduces the palate and then gives way to a bitterness commonplace is Belgian quadruples. Though you can feel the high alcohol linger a little, it’s surprisingly simple to guzzle down, or sip. And the best part is you don’t need much more than a 22oz bottle to get a nice, little buzz.

Saint Botolph’s Town- A deep, gorgeous mahogany colored ale with hints of nuts, chocolate, and subtle dark fruit. The ale is smooth and rich and the the roasted malt lingers pleasantly on the palate well after the sip is taken. How good does that sound? Also, at 5.9% ABV it almost goes down too easy.

So if one–or all five–of these delectable, rustic ales sounds alluring to you, then come on down to The Urban Grape and pluck one off the shelf…and maybe taste a little wine while you’re at it.

Lastly, a special thanks to the Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project for the five great treats above and for allowing us to be in the business of pretty things. We look forward to the upcoming seasonal brews.