From the Vine


Grilling & Chilling!

Four great bottles of wine handpicked by our staff, always $50

It’s August, which means all of Europe is laying on the beach but we Americans are still working. What the heck! We here at UG want to help you reclaim your time, even if a beach vacation isn’t in your future. You’ve hard of Netflix and Chill? Well, we’re making it easy to “Netflix and Grill” with four European wines perfectly matched for outdoor cooking and couch surfing alike. So crank up that AC, fluff the pillows on your couch, put your BBQ ribs on a TV tray, and cue up your favorite program. We’ve even paired each wine with a binge-worthy show for extra ease!

2015 Guffens au Sud Roussanne (Vaucluse, FR) *7W*

If not tended to properly, the Roussanne grape can make wines that are flabby and uninteresting. Luckily for us, this wine has been carefully tended and perfectly aged, with a touch of neutral oak to tame its peach aromas and rich mouthfeel. Pair with grilled swordfish while catching up on the original rich peaches – the Real Housewives of Atlanta!

2017 Domaine de la Colombe Rosé (Provence, FR)

A light colored rosé that is bursting with flavor, particularly notes of fresh, ripe strawberries. Pair this wine with grilled chicken over lemon pasta with summer veggies and chunks of salty feta. Make it a family affair by pressing play on Anne with an E, that strawberry blonde heroine none of us can seem to quit.

2016 Villa Miranda Chianti (Rufina, IT) *4R*

Sangiovese, the primary grape in Chianti, makes wines that are known for their ability to pair seamlessly with grilled meats. The wine’s tannic structure softens with the addition of fat, so choose a meaty ribeye instead of a lean cut. We suggest pairing this meal with a deep dive into The Sopranos, or perhaps a night with The Godfather trilogy.

2015 Alberto Longo Primitivo (Puglia, IT) *8R*

This is a harmonious and well-balanced Italian red, with lovely rich berry notes on the nose and a slightly spicy palate. The tannins are rich and round, adding to the enticing experience of this lush wine. A nice wine for around the fire pit, or for sipping while you binge on Stranger Things (the Upside Down looks chilly, guys).