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Scenes From the Back Room!

The Urban Grape | Luigi Baudana

On today’s blog we’re taking a peek into Alex’s life in the UG storage room!

Hello, for those of you that I haven’t had the opportunity to meet, I’m Alex and I am the inventory/merchandise manager at The Urban Grape. You can usually find me in the back, organizing, or stocking, or restocking. I come in around 9 am, and love the store in the mornings, my “me time.” I always enjoy any of the early-birds that come by to chirp about wine with me.

The back room at the Urban Grape is about 100 square feet, which makes it hard to have too much of anything at one time, but with the right ordering and a philosophy of buying directly for the shelf it should ultimately look something like this:

The Urban Grape | UG Back Room


Of course with the new year, and having just completed our yearly inventory, there is plenty of empty space, and maybe a little too much space! So what’s the plan you may be asking? It is all about new year, new wines. Starting in the next few days, TJ and the staff are planning on a whirlwind of tastings, in order to find you all your next favorites. It’s an exciting time to be an inventory manager!

But what if you need new wine now? We’ve got that too!

The Urban Grape | Luigi Baudana

My personal fave is a “this just in” white wine from G.D. Vajra, who are long time producers of Nebbiolo and Barolo. In 2009 The Vajra family bought the estate of Luigi Baudana, whose family is so entrenched in the region that the their name is also the name of the cru and town. The two producers share respect for tradition, a strong sense of terroir and consider themselves artisans, fully in love and committed to their craft.

In creating the “Dragon” Langhe Bianco, they sourced the grapes from vines of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, planted by Baudana in the 80s. The Bianco is about 80% Chardonnay and the remaining 20% is Sauvignon Blanc, a bit of the family’s Riesling and the local grape Nascetta. The Dragon on the label was a gift from family friend, famed artist, Gianni Gallo.

The wine is made by hand using sustainable wine practices, again it is true to the terroir of the region. Aromas of stone, summer grass, and wild flowers lead to a slightly savory, very smooth palate with a bit of elegance, thanks to the addition of the Naccetta and Riesling, and a long refreshing finish.

And the best part? The price – $23

The Urban Grape | Berkshire Mountain Distillers

And because I’m the organizer of the back room, sometimes I can decide to put a product on sale! This week’s over-looked gem comes from right here in Massachusetts: the Berkshire Mountain Distillers “Ragged Mountain” Rum. It is a pot still style, small batch, full bodied Rum and you are going to love it, especially at the discounted price I’m offering!

Regular Price: $32

15% Off Back Room Bargain Discount: $27.20